Possess The Land
44 lessons designed to help you overcome the flesh,
walk in the Spirit, and live the abundant life.

My Journey Book
My Journey Book, the companion workbook/journal for Possess the Land.

  • Darrell Pollock: Missouri State Representative 146th district. Possess the Land is an exciting read/study that captures what too many Believers face in their walk with Jesus Christ - simply unbelief in the Power of God. Knowing God has become as common as a stroked key of a computer. Trusting God however, is truly what we today and the Israelites who spied out the Land of Canaan of old share in common - that is, lacking the faith to take God at his Word. I encourage you to go ahead and "Possess the Land.”

  • Marta E. Greenman: Founder - Words of Grace & Truth, Author – Bound To Be Free We each have strongholds in our lives. Possess the Land is a devotional created to help slay these giants and overcome these strongholds. Then we can walk confidently and possess the land our Lord has set aside for us. The format is applicable for individual or group study and relevant for both new and seasoned believers. Is your desire is to be an over comer? Diligently apply yourself to Possess the Land and be changed by our Lord’s healing power.”

  • Kim Talbott: Fellow Traveler "I feel like books today are missing something. It's like you buy a book to help you with something (and some do) but to me, the majority of books talk about the issue (or sometimes around the issue) try to tell you what you are suppose to do about it, but the "how" to do it is missing. The part that gets down to your life, the part that makes the actual change, is not there. Lately God has been teaching me about mind sets & to be successful changing your mind set is a must!!! I feel like that is what is different about Possess the Land, even though Renee shares her personal journey, (it's still not about her!!) the book is personal & different to each person that picks it up, thus allowing each one’s own mind set to be transformed, which is a must for them to "Journey" successfully!!! Awesome Job!!!!! Praying for this book to transform lives!!!”

John 10:10 “The thief cometh not but for to steal and to kill and to destroy; but I am come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.”

In a world where depression, anxiety, insecurities, addictions, broken relationships, sickness, money problems, fear, and lack of trust seek to plague everyone’s life, it makes one ask the question – is abundant life even possible to obtain?

By following the Children of Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land, this Bible study makes abundant life not only obtainable, but maintainable! Their story is an example set for us, so that we do not have to cope as victims. Instead, we are conquerors through Jesus Christ. We can Possess the Land !

Through the samples included with each lesson my friends and I confess our weaknesses, shortcomings, and faults in order to demonstrate how our fleshly behaviors rob the power, love, and sound mind God has promised.

By sharing with you our journey worksheets, we hope to demonstrate the transformation God has made in our lives. As I reveal the details of my personal journey it becomes amazingly clear how these simple lessons save me time and energy, relieve stress, bring comfort, clear my confusion, brighten my darkest days, keep me level when my world is unraveling and give me hope and purpose.

May this Bible study remind you: To choose God - He is on your side. In Jesus - there is no condemnation. 3. The Holy Spirit is your 24/7 companion, guiding you to success!

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"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." John 12:32